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NEW! Launch of Mobile Application for the ODC VLE – March 2021

NEW! Launch of Mobile Application for the ODC VLE – March 2021

by Dr Siva Kumar -
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NEW!  Launch of Mobile Application for the ODC VLE – March 2021

ODC is pleased to announce the availability of a new ODC VLE application for mobile devices on both the iOS and Android platforms. This new ODC application for mobile devices is available for free download from the App Store or Play Store by clicking the links or using the QR codes below:


(Download Link)                                                       (Download Link)

This application has been developed in-house at ODC specifically for students and faculty to enhance their learning and teaching experience respectively. 

Some of the key benefits in using this new application to access the ODC VLE are:

  1. Access to VLE course content anytime, anywhere:  Using this application allows students and faculty to access VLE content from anywhere there is mobile device connectivity. Additionally through the application there is also the facility to view VLE courses in both online and offline modes.
  2. Receive Push Notifications: The application will sync with the VLE Calendar and it will send push notifications automatically to the user regarding Calendar events in addition to messages, forum posts, assignments, surveys etc. 
  3. Ability to upload files: The application enables students/faculty to upload files such as images, audio/video files, documents etc. directly to their dashboard in the ODC VLE. The Private File section, available to all users from their ODC VLE dashboard and which is their own personal space, is where different files can be uploaded and viewed later.
  4. Easy to use interface: The responsive touch-based interactive User Interface that has been designed for mobile phones and tablets supports features such as drag and drop, clear options making the application easy to use. 
  5. Viewing VLE courses at a glance: By using this application students have both an overview and details of VLE course information across their mobile devices. 
  6. Tracking progress of activities Activity Completion: When faculty enable the Activity Completion feature in the application this allows students to track the progress of their allocated VLE based activities from their mobile device. 
  7. Access to VLE content offline: The application allows students to download self-directed learning material, surveys, etc. and complete these offline, such that any data will be automatically uploaded to the VLE whenever the user is connected online. 

Please contact Dr Siva Kumar, Head of E-Learning, at for any technical or other queries.

Dr Nutayla Al Harthy


Dr Siva Kumar 

Head of E-Learning